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We source technology to provide the solution and service the Best

Working from the last decades in the life Science & Research Industry, We people are involved in the Promotion and Distribution of All kinds of Research & Diagnostics products to the Pharmaceuticals & Research industry all over India.


We have weekly shipments from most of these manufacturers across the Globes. Supply can also be organized SOS depending upon urgency and volume of order. Hence, typically delivery for most of the products (Over 90%) is done within 10 to 14 days. Some of the products like Liquid Handling Range – Gilson Micropipettes, Molecular Biology Products like Taq Polymerase, SYBR Green Mastermix, PCR Kits, Restrictions Enzymes & Some. Routine Products are ordered very frequently (many times twice a week) and hence can be delivered in 3 to 5 days. Just for Satisfaction of our Customers in terms of delivery, We Stock almost 90% of Regular Flow products in India. Stock products are maintained under Proper Storage Conditions like Room Temp, 2-8 Degree Celsius & -20 Deep Freezers Items as per the products category.

Focus Customers

GK BioScience directly serves over 100 Research Institutes, Pharma companies, CRO’s Hospitals, Universities, and Distributors all over India. Over 90% of our clients have approved credit terms with GK BioScience. We focus on Quality Service in all terms to fulfill the customer satisfaction.

Focus Product line

We focus in the field of Molecular Biology, Immunology, Drug Discovery, Cell Biology, Immunohistochemistry, Liquid Handling, Stem Cell Research, Flow Cytometry, Filtration, Molecular Diagnostics and all LifeScience & Research Equipments. 


Most of the Biology sales team have a postgraduate degree in Biotechnology and are competent to understand your precise research needs. In addition, since, we have expertise in imports (GK BioScience imports almost Daily consignments delighted to try to serve the needs of our researchers for importing any research consumables from almost any part of the planet earth).




GK BioScience is committed to quality by insisting on complete customer satisfaction with all of our products and services. 


Center of Excellence

With a clear focus on providing irreproachable quality service at all times, our company launched the “Center of Excellence” audit program. The Center of Excellence label rewards worldwide partners that fulfill all of GK BioScience servicing requirements.

Field Service & Support

Local Gilson field service and support representatives are available to provide you with on-site support for any and all software and hardware needs.

In-House Services

Having a Local Team of Service Engineers, WE ensure the Quick and Quality service to our Customers on a case to case basis and also we serve our customer thru AMC’s of the wide range of Life-Science Instruments and Bench Top Instruments.